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The secret Annexe

Dear Kitty,

Today me and my family arrived at the secret annexe, it was really small up there in the attic, there was not a lot of space to walk around, but it was bearable. Hopefully, we can settle in, we might be in here for a long time. Miep, the lady who helped us hide, told us we had to stay silent during the day, it was very boring. My mum sat there, still, in shock. She didn’t move…


Dear kitty,

Wednesday 8th July 1942

When I arrived at the office,where Mr Kulger ,Mr Kleiman and Meip worked, I realised that Margot had arrived  there before us because she went on her bike. When we all got together, Mr Kulger showed us up to the secret annexe, it was on the third floor. We had to stay quiet for certain times, expect the weekends. Who ever left the hiding place had to hurry in a rush,two years of our lives we spent hiding from the Germans . Another family and a dentist joined us ,the dentist was called Mr Dussell and the family was the Van-Dan family. Throughout hiding, I felt happy because we weren’t alone but scared because we could have been caught.


Dear Kitty,

Wednesday 8th July 1942,

I was  hiding in my father’s offices,in the attic. It’s not the best of places but it will do. I had a bland and boring bedroom, so to liven it up, over the years I had stuck some photos on the walls. Most of our belongings had been sent there in advance. This was because our plans were changed because my sister Margot was called up to go to  concentration camp, luckily this never happened we continued to hide like this for 2 years.


The secret annex

Saturday 12th February 1942                                                                               When I first stepped into the tiny cramped space, I thought to my self how are we going to live in the attic of my dads  office building? Half way through the day, another family called Mr and Mrs Van Dan, and their son  arrived.Not long after, a dentist called Mr Kulger joined us. Now I was thinking to myself, I  can’t live with them. As life progressed, it got harder to live especially, if you were  ill . You had to wait it out . It also wasn’t very nice having to have the same meal over and over again.

Dear Diary.

It’s Wednesday 8th July 1942, we finally arrived at our new home, which looked a little like my dad’s old work place. Miep Gies, my dad’s work friend,led us to the secret annex hidden on the 3rd floor. The Entrance to the annex was covered by a bookshelf. As we walked up the dreadful stairs, the whole family were downcast. When I took my first glimpse of the annex, I was shocked, all my favourite furniture that had gone missing in our old house was here. It was awful, we had to be quiet all day, except on weekends, or the workers would find us.


Dear Diary ,
Wednesday 8th July 1942, I was stood at the front door of my new home , which looked like dad’s office building. I was led up to the attic (which was now called the secret annexe ) by a lovely lady called Miep Gies . Walking up the dreadful stairs, I felt anxious and down cast, we entered our home. It was clean and full of our furniture, it was quiet heart warming . To make it my own room, I stuck pictures on the wall . Miep warned us that we had to be quiet between 8:30 to 12:30 and then 1:30 to 5:30  which was quiet boring, sitting at the table and not exploring our new place . Well I found the attic which I am writing from .


First day in hiding

Dearest kitty
I paitiently waited outside my father’s office, (in the pouring rain) hoping  that someone would open the door before it started to look suspicious. People walked past having a good glare . Just then, Meip  one of the people who worked at my fathers office, opened the door and secretly whispered “come in ”

After that, Mr Kulger lead me, my mother and my father  towards a book case. Suddenly, I realised where’s Margot? Just a few moments after, I was informed that she had arrived moments before we had ( I was relived but also still in a little shock!)

First day

Dear Kitty,

After arriving you wouldn’t believe what sorts of thoughts were flying through my mind. What about my best friend? What about the people that are going to be left behind? However, thoughts will be thoughts. As the door opened my heart was pounding- I knew there was no going back now…..

Three people stood behind the door – their eyes darting across the street in case anyone saw us. Instantaneously, I knew that these were Mr Kulger , Mr Kleiman and Miep. They worked with my father in the office building. Despite the situation Miep still had a smile on her face (which to be honest made me feel happy inside ). Anxious, taking tentative steps, I walked up the staircase. Once entering immediately I noticed that there was the lamp that had been missing. I thought this would be fun -that was until the rules were set down. Some of these rules meant we had to stay quiet during the day,with the exception of weekends.