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First day

Dear Kitty,

After arriving you wouldn’t believe what sorts of thoughts were flying through my mind. What about my best friend? What about the people that are going to be left behind? However, thoughts will be thoughts. As the door opened my heart was pounding- I knew there was no going back now…..

Three people stood behind the door – their eyes darting across the street in case anyone saw us. Instantaneously, I knew that these were Mr Kulger , Mr Kleiman and Miep. They worked with my father in the office building. Despite the situation Miep still had a smile on her face (which to be honest made me feel happy inside ). Anxious, taking tentative steps, I walked up the staircase. Once entering immediately I noticed that there was the lamp that had been missing. I thought this would be fun -that was until the rules were set down. Some of these rules meant we had to stay quiet during the day,with the exception of weekends.