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Moving to the Netherlands

In 1933 Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam, where they hoped to stay safe from the Nazis but they weren’t safe for long because later on, in 1940 the Germans invaded the Netherlands.In Anne’s outside life, she attended Motessori school where she makes two best friends . Discrimination increased towards the Jewish people, which meant that Anne and Margot had to go to a separate schools, just for Jewish people. They were forced to leave their friends behind . Shortly after, Anne’s fathers had to give up his business because of the new law that stated Jews were not allowed to own their own business. Other rules included, having to wear the star of David (of over six years old) and the possibility of being arrested just for being Jewish. Lots of the Jewish people were killed by the Nazis, others were sent to a concentration camp (prisons for Jews created by the Nazis and where millions of people died!

First day in hiding

Dearest kitty
I paitiently waited outside my father’s office, (in the pouring rain) hoping  that someone would open the door before it started to look suspicious. People walked past having a good glare . Just then, Meip  one of the people who worked at my fathers office, opened the door and secretly whispered “come in ”

After that, Mr Kulger lead me, my mother and my father  towards a book case. Suddenly, I realised where’s Margot? Just a few moments after, I was informed that she had arrived moments before we had ( I was relived but also still in a little shock!)