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1933, I am Anne Frank, my family and I moved to Amsterdam, where we hoped to be safe from the Nazi Germans.To escape the Germans, we’d left a false trail suggesting we’d fled to Switzerland. I attended Montessori school where I make two best friends. May 1940, the Germans invaded the Netherlands and began persecuting the Jews. My dad was not allowed to own his business and unfortunately, I attended a new school, just for Jewish children. The government made a terrible new rule, that when the Jews turned 6, we had to where a yellow star on our shirts, so it was easier for Germans to arrest us. Then, I found out that numerous Jews were killed by Nazi soldiers .


Dear Kitty,

Wednesday 8th July 1942,

I was ┬áhiding in my father’s offices,in the attic. It’s not the best of places but it will do. I had a bland and boring bedroom, so to liven it up, over the years I had stuck some photos on the walls. Most of our belongings had been sent there in advance. This was because our plans were changed because my sister Margot was called up to go to ┬áconcentration camp, luckily this never happened we continued to hide like this for 2 years.