1933, I am Anne Frank, my family and I moved to Amsterdam, where we hoped to be safe from the Nazi Germans.To escape the Germans, we’d left a false trail suggesting we’d fled to Switzerland. I attended Montessori school where I make two best friends. May 1940, the Germans invaded the Netherlands and began persecuting the Jews. My dad was not allowed to own his business and unfortunately, I attended a new school, just for Jewish children. The government made a terrible new rule, that when the Jews turned 6, we had to where a yellow star on our shirts, so it was easier for Germans to arrest us. Then, I found out that numerous Jews were killed by Nazi soldiers .


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  1. Miss Evans

    Well done Archie, Abigail, Millie, Lily and Georgia. You have all worked really well together to create a fantastic autobiography. That was a tricky event to have, however, I can see lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions have been used, along with some great vocabulary. Great team work!


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